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We believe in our body's amazing ability to heal and perform at its best
Our passion is to empower people to move correctly so they can heal themselves through movement. We truly believe our human body is capable of incredible self-healing - we just often don't fully understand what we are capable of. Rather than fixing what’s broken, we teach people how to move correctly which helps to avoid injuries and lead to perfectly balanced body.
Over last 10 years we have worked with thousands of people,  analysing their biomechanics,  tweaking the instruction methods to help them heal their bodies, prevent injuries and optimise sport/movement  performance.
During those years, we have been observing people movement over extended period of time and noticing specific patterns -  the most profound being the direct link  of shoulder and neck overuse to lower back pain, knee injuries, heart issues (HBP, irregular heart beat), pelvic floor issues, prolapses, prostate cancers, incontinence, infertility,  and bowel/ digestive issues among others.
Addressing those postural concerns has led us to create a unique movement framework balancing our myofascial meridians allowing the heart, brain, diaphragm and body systems to work together in coherence.


How To Use Computer Mouse To Avoid Neck Pain and Shoulder Injury

How To Use Computer Mouse To Avoid Neck Pain and Shoulder Injury

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Our evidence based approach incorporates physics and applies a wide combination of mechanical advantage principles.  We look at the big picture, combining all aspects of movement and wellbeing, creating a place where everyone can come in, get fit, feel healthier and more connected with their body. We use simple language that people can relate to, helping to understand how the body works and implement those change on a daily basis.
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If that philosophy resonates with you, please get in touch. Whether you are a healthcare or movement professional wanting to provide a better care for your clients, or simply wanting to connect with your body at a different level - we would love to hear from you. First step can be the hardest part, we help to take it together 
We are humbled and excited to share that our Studio has been  selected as
The Best Pilates Studio in Sydney NSW in 2023
by Quality Business Awards Australia 
Thank you to all of our clients who inspire us on a daily basis.
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Best Pilates Studio in Sydney
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