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Our Team

Our Team is passionate about body movement and the healing it can provide.

Highly experienced in Human Anatomy, Biomechanics  they will go above and beyond to provide the best possible care .

Please come and see what becoming part of our Pilates Family feels like :)


Marta understands first hand the impact of lower back pain, pregnancies and child birth have on your body.  

​After being diagnosed with pars defects, spondylosis, bulged discs,    foraminal stenosis, compressed nerve roots , SI Joints instability and early stages of hip osteoporosis, Marta refused to undergo surgical/ injections type of treatment recommended by the traditional medical world and went on a mission to find natural ways for the body to heal. 

Marta also experienced full ACL tear during skiing accident which she fully recovered from without the surgery.

​She spent hundreds of hours learning (and testing on herself)  about body biomechanics, kinesiology, natural food and pain remedies, posture correction and mobility  exercises. She's been  also working alongside  a  number of like -minded health professionals including chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths and physical therapists, who share her passion for the body's natural way of healing.   

​Today, Marta appreciates the way her pain free body moves - the freedom to play with her kids,  professional skiing,  endurance training and freestyle body movement.  - are all the results of the holistic approach  she took to her health and well-being.

As a result , Marta shares her passion, knowledge and experience to help other people get in the best shape of their life and keep it that way - whatever it might be.

Marta runs Back To Balance Pilates Studio in Baulkham Hills,  where she provides specialised training for athletes as well as clients with more complex lower back, knee, shoulder, hips  and/or pelvic floor issues.

​She can be contacted at

​Marta's Accreditations  and Certifications:

  • Mat Pilates and Reformer  Instructor

  • Pilates for Lower Back Pain Instructor

  • Pre and Post Natal Instructor

  • Group Exercise Specialist

  • Personal Trainer 

  • Kinesiology Mind Body Medicine Student


With a long background in dance and strong passion for movement, Ellie  have been attending Reformer Classes at our studio and been taught by Marta herself. 

As an Endo Warrior who have  been suffering from Endometriosis on a daily basis since she has been a teenager, Ellie realised that there are only a few things that have helped her with pain management and Pilates was one of them.

​After years of attending Marta’s classes, Ellie grew even bigger passion for moving the body and an even deeper love for Pilates.

​Ellie’s second passion is Women’s Health. She found a very important connection between the benefits that Pilates gives all women specially those who were pregnant, postpartum or even during birth itself. Her passion led her to become a doula and assisting with hypnobirthing. 

​Ellie has a calm and holistic approach to educating and supporting others and can’t wait to join both her passions into one, as she supports our clients through all stages of life.

​Ellie's Accreditations  and Certifications:

  • Mat Pilates and Reformer  Instructor

  • Pilates for Lower Back Pain Instructor

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Pre and Post Natal Instructor

  • Doula 

  • Hypnobirthing 


Bri has a very strong knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics since becoming a chiropractor 6 years ago.
Bri suffered from a neck injury in 2009 whilst competing at a high level of gymnastics causing her to be in a neck brace and give up her dream.
While dealing with endless treatments to aid her neurological symptoms, migraines, jaw pain and neck pain and going through numerous amounts of rehabilitation, she decided to study chiropractic to not only help herself, but to learn how to help others continue doing the things they love. 
In combination with chiropractic, Bri found a passion with Pilates. This was one of the only few exercises she could do that didn't cause her pain and allowed her to strengthen up the muscles she needed to improve. She loves being able to educate clients to move correctly in a pain free range and identify muscle imbalances; as it's such an important part of recovery to staying healthy. She has seen tremendous improvements herself and with her patients and she wants to share her knowledge with everyone.
Bri's Accreditations:

  • Clinical Matwork and Reformer Pilates instructor 

  • Pre and Post natal Pilates instructor

  • Bachelor of Chiropractic

  • Masters of Chiropractic

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Advanced gymnastics coach


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