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Private Sessions 

Posture Assessment -Karolina.png
45 or 60 mins Private
If you are little nervous about starting straight into a class and would like a little more individualised  information, we recommend booking in a 45 or 60 minutes private session to ease into  classes
60 mins Private -$120
45 mins Private - $95 
Initial Assessment 
If you are sufferring with any pain, immobility or general physical concerns like lower back, hip, knee, neck pain or pelvic floor, we would highly recommend  booking Full Assessment. Our assessments usually take 1.5 hours and during this time we will analyse your movement pattern and cover the reason behind your pain/concern and speak about how we can overcome it. You will also have your first initial workout
Initial Assessment  - $150
Biomechanics Assessment - $150 
Self Assessment - Is My Body Hanging on My Neck?
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