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What Our Clients Are Saying  

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Karolina Wojciechowska

Remedial Massage Therapist/Trainer and Assessor of Diploma of Remedial Massage Courses

“I found Marta's approach to exercise truly groundbreaking. Her ability to see and apply connections between anatomical structures and their function makes her exercises much more effective than any Pilates method or rehab exercises I have experienced before. 
I highly recommend all my massage clients and students try Marta’s approach and learn to use their body more efficiently

Bob Roche, Client,  

     Knee and Hip Pain for over 30 years
''In my travels across the world, I've taken other pilates classes.  They were nothing in comparison to what Marta does.  Not even close.  She is truly extraordinary.  If Marta can help me, then no one is beyond hope or help.  No one.  I unreservedly recommend her, her studio and her techniques / teaching.  My experience and ongoing change is beyond extraordinary but this doesn't happen without Marta 's experience, knowledge and understanding

Tegan Webster,
Chiropractor,  Exercise and Sport Science Practitioner

Back to Balance is more than a studio that one turns up to ....... This studio is a place where members are constantly being educated on the holistic approaches to movement, ...., and feeling better. I highly recommend this place to my family, friends, my patients, and anyone that wants to learn more about helping themselves through movement.“
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