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Our Approach

We believe in holistic approach to health and wellbeing and our programs consist of movement, emotion and mindset - whatever you may need to achieve your goals. 

Everyone comes to us with specific and very unique circumstances, which means there is no simple one­-size­-fits-all solution. We will assess your condition and individually design  a simple and effective program to follow.

Every method and every exercise is designed for your own personal condition and will initially focus on reducing or stopping the root cause while building up your strength and confidence.

You might have received a variety of treatments from various health professionals in the past- anti­-inflammatories, injections, physio sessions, massage, manipulation  ..... You may also realise that some of those  approaches provided just a temporary relief, without any long ­term benefits. 

You might have been thinking of starting  an exercise program, joining a gym or doing something good for your body, but the fear of making your condition worse perhaps stopped you from doing so...  the truth is your spine  and joints need movement to heal! 

The spine has very poor blood supply and can only receive nutrients through movement (process called imbibition) - The motion between discs acts as a pump and brings synovial fluid (and the nutrients) in. 

Contrary to what has been circulating  in some media, certain aspects of joint or spinal disc damage can in be repaired. Appropriate chiropractic care, exercise and nutrition can often relieve  pain and restore the function WITHOUT the need for drugs or surgery.

Meet The Team

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