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Lower Back Pain Program with Shanna

  • 9Steps
Lower Back pain program, unstable pelvis, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain program


Lower Back Pain is one of the most common issues experienced by people today. In this program, together with one of my beautiful clients who is suffering from lower back pain, we are demonstrating ways to analyse the posture, understand current movement pattern to determine the root cause of the pain and create the environment for healing. A personal experience of severe lower back injury 15 years ago has guided me to the path of healing - I wished someone could have explained the reasons for my pain the way we did today :) The path to recovery would have been quicker :) If you're experiencing lower back pain, please follow us step by step to see if you can relate to it. Once we know the cause, we can work to address it - the power is in your hands. The 3 exercises prescribed in the last section work like magic - please practice daily! Please share with the family, friends and anyone who may benefit. Thank You.

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Silver Online Plus Yoga, $37.50/week


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