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Restoring Foot and Ankle Mobility

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Mobility and Alignment of the Foot and Ankle Joint has direct impact on how we move our body, helping us maintain the balance and alignment, especially when standing or walking. Feet and ankles also play a crucial role in shock absorption, reducing the impact on our joints and muscles. 'Flat feet', 'collapsed arches', knocked knees are the sign of our feet bypassing the core and connecting straight to our necks and shoulders, causing excessive strain. As a result, they can lead to lower back pain, knee injuries, neck pain, migraines, shoulder and heart issues among others. Our brain has typically very poor neuro-connection with our ankles. After working with thousands of people in person, the ability to control the movement at the ankle joint has proven to be one of the hardest to master. Tight hips, overuse of muscles around greater trochanter area (especially TFL and Vastus Lateralis) will often hinder that connection. This program covers activation drills and myofascial releases showing step by step how to reconnect your feet to our core highway. Steps Include: 1. Linking internal ankle to the psoas and diaphragm 2. Dorsiflexion - ankle movement without toe curl 3. Fascia release - foot 4. Important Acupuncture points 5. Tibialis Anterior and Fibularis Release 6. Calves release 7. Standing Mobility Drills next to the wall - strength and mobility 8. Restoring Gait and walking technique 9. Toe Mobility drills 10. Building Strength - working entire chain

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