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Applying Mechanical Advantage in Movement




20 hrs


About the Course

This course is a deep dive in teaching you to apply physics to increase efficiency of movement, prevent injuries and increase performance. Complex topic explained in very simple and easy to understand language. Hands-on and very practical approach to Mechanical Advantage Principles

Designed for health care professionals and movement specialists

20 hours of Contineus Development for health care professionals

What you will learn:

  • Beyond Muscles and ATP

    • weight distribution and centre of gravity

    • compound pulleys

    • T systems

    • potential energy

    • air compression

    • electrical charge

    • anchor points

    • levers

    • vectors

    • addressing friction

    • torque

  • Applying Principles of Compounding, Preserved Energy and Simple Machines in Human Body

  • Interdependencies and Common Overcompensations Patterns

  • Busting Common Biomechanical Myths

  • Facilitating Change

  • Putting all together - Sequencing Principles

Your Instructor

Marta Bandala

Marta Bandala
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