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Emotions, Injuries and Neuroplasticity - Controlling Limbic Brain with Movement




10 hrs


About the Course

This course will give you deeper insight into the link between emotions and commonly experienced injuries.

Pain, sadness, fear, storing stress often can impact the arms, anger in the liver, powerlessness in the pancreas, feeling guilt, inefficient, holding to worries from the past can impact the bladder.

Holding too much stress will impact the shoulders, feeling unsupported or held back with pressure to provide will impact the lumbar region.

 Please join us on this fascinating journey where we dive into cohesive understanding of our physical and emotional body.

What you will learn:

  1. What is our Limbic Brain - practical view on its impact on our emotions and health.

  2. Communication channels between reptile, limbic and pre-frontal brain with physical movement.

  3. Movement Principles to control ANS

  4. How to directly speak to the limbic brain applying the science of physics.

  5. The link between Energy and Emotions

  6. How to unleash the Power of Neuroplasticity by performing common daily activities

  7. Practical Applications to address commonly experienced injuries, pain or emotional trauma.

Your Instructor

Marta Bandala

Marta Bandala
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