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Shoulder Injury and Neck Pain Prevention Program -Arm Movement Biomechanics Principles

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Shoulder Rehabilitation, Headache, Migraine, Sciatica, rotator cuff tear
, knee pain, Hip pain, Plantar fasciitis, foot pain, ankle strains,  Pelvic floor issues, prolapse, Arthritis, Loss of hearing, Teeth grinding, Sinuses issues, Lower back pain,


This program is designed to teach you how to move correctly in order to create the proper environment to regain mobility in your neck and shoulders . Shoulder joint by design is not a load bearing structure and every injury (acute or chronic) will come as a result of excessive force applied to the joint. By restoring your movement patters by proper biomechanics, the body not only can heal but will become more resilient preventing injury reoccurrence. The program is complete guide to apply entire biomechanics chain (foot, ankle, hip, lats, rotator cuff and the core). The overuse of our necks on a daily basis is number 1 mechanical stress to our body and major contributor to our aging. It causes excessive direct mechanical stress to our joints, leading to incorrect use of muscular system and adding unnecessary stress to cardiac and lymphatic systems. Overuse of the neck and shoulders directly impacts the buoyancy of our nervous system and restricts the flow of cerebrospinal fluid which can lead to brain diseases (dementia among others). It disrupts our cranial nerves flow and is linked to: - Cognitive decline - High Blood Pressure - Irregular Heart Beat - Cognitive Decline/ Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease - Asthma/ Breathing Problems - Prostate issues - Stomach Hernias - Gut/ Bowel Diseases We commonly complain about the following not realizing how much it is caused by neck overuse - Migraines - Loss of hearing - Teeth grinding - Sinuses issues - Lower back pain - Sciatica - All shoulder injuries - Knee issues - Hip pain - Plantar fascia, foot and all ankle related strains - Pelvic floor weakness - Arthritis Our body has an amazing ability to heal – if we cut our hand, the body will heal. However if we keep cutting our hand in the same spot everyday, the body healing process does not catch up with the rate the damaged is being done. Once we restore proper posture and movement pattern, the body will have proper environment to heal.

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Neck and Shoulders  -Arm Movement Biomechanics

Neck and Shoulders -Arm Movement Biomechanics

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