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Knee Rehabilitation Exercise Program Including ACL Tear

  • 365Days
  • 10Steps
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This program is a complete step by step guide to help you recover from knee injuries, including full ACL tear. The exercise program is designed to restore proper biomechanics at the knee joint, which includes the entire chain- the hip, knee and the ankle linked to the core. You will learn how to offload the pressure off the knee, stabilise the hips and restore proper gait. The program consists of 3 stages Stage I • Non Load Bearing Activation Drills - knee, hip and ankle mobility drills , sitting or lying down to activate/reinforce VMO/Core line and breathwork • Balancing anchor points, pelvis stabilisation • Switching off excessive lateral and back line engagement (including releases) Stage 2 • Introducing Bilateral Load Bearing – approx. 6 months • Strength training - our modified body weight exercises (supported or unsupported) specifically target VMO/core/pelvic floor, ankles and diaphragm and link them so they can work together. • Continuing with mobility drills • Bicycle - specific instructions provided to maintain VMO/ Iliacus and core engagement Stage 3 • Unilateral • Pivoting • Plyometric Please be aware that it is an exercise program - which means YOU need to do the work but we will guide you step by step- daily commitment of 10-15 mins is important. Please start with postural assessment so we can provide individual recommendations.

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